The 5 Kinds Of Men

Women today hold large hopes with their fantasy guy: “He Is wise, rich, sports, sensitive and painful, good-looking, funny…”

And numerous others and on and on.

But, the fact is, its impossible to get a hold of a person that is the complete plan. Its more like he has one dominating attribute and a couple of other delicious pieces within his personality.

Below are a few basic schemas of males. Most likely his principal characteristic will fall under these categories:

1. The Provider.

This man constantly has actually their Blackberry, notebook or even the newest “Economist” available. He works difficult and life an upscale way of life.

In the event that you marry him, chances are you won’t be worrying all about finances or managing all of them, however you may have problems with much less face-to-face time because of the husband, who doesnot have the spare-time to teach football or drive carpool.

2. The Fixer.

This you’re quite mechanical. From home repairs to car technicians, you won’t ever need certainly to call a handyman. He is a hands-on guy and it is constantly tinkering away at small projects.

The disadvantage to this man is actually he might not the breadwinner, if that’s what you are in search of, but he can be a practical father.


“You should not doubt he will make a

great spouse and daddy, also.”

3. The Thinker.

You can smell out a thinker from a two-minute conversation. This man is actually mental. He is a thoughtful planner and an effective decision-maker.

Throughout the downside, he might maybe not stay a very natural existence. If attraction and smart talks commonly your own mug a tea, you may want to stay away from he.

Added bonus: He is most likely an excellent financial partner and prepared to assist the young ones completely employing science projects.

4. The Caregiver.

This guy is a good partner and the custodian. If you want a person who can make, neat and cultivate, he is the main one. He’s thrilled to eliminate you, whether you have the flu or like to be focused to sporadically.

He could be a nursing assistant, a paramedic, a firefighter. You shouldn’t doubt he will make a great husband and daddy also, not if you feel a caregiver is equivalent to a person just who spoils you.

5. The Metrosexual.

We Have all spotted this guy prior to. He’s outfitted with the nines and could make you uncomfortable regarding the dress. He’s going to join you for a mani/pedi and brow waxing and can make great eye candy.

You will be combating for restroom time in the mornings with him and then he may be therefore caught up inside the look that child barf on his Armani fit might deliver him into a tizzy.

Which type of guys are you keen on?

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