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About Zelecloud

Cloud-Native Development

Cloud-native is an approach to building and running applications. Cloud-native development Companies can avail themselves of the advantages which allow them to build and operate applications using a cloud-native architecture. Cloud-native architecture brings new ideas for faster response to customer demands.

Our team helps you build a strategy to navigate the landscape of cloud-native data solutions, platforms, and tooling. Zelecloud's cloud-native approach help organizations with critical ideas that are maximizing the benefits of the public cloud. We build cloud-native products and platforms while enabling you to adopt cloud-native methodologies.

cloud development companies

Why Zelecloud?

Zelecloud applies an accomplished approach which made many organizations choose us as a technology solution provider. We ensure our methods and strategies help your businesses in the long run.

Complete Customization with Solutions:

Zelecloud believes in understanding and implementation. We understand your requirements and provide an effective solution that can eliminate your hassle process. Our expert team strategize organization needs and develop a customized solution for your business. Zelecloud initiates with analyzing, formulating, and implement the best solution for your business.

Expertise in Every Domain:

We are Technology Consulting, with extended services in Cloud Adoption training, IT support or Managed services. Our team is an expert with an accomplished portfolio in training and development services. Zelecloud ensures an optimized solution that elevates your business and keeps its growth seamless.

cloud development companies

Delivery The Best:

Zelecloud strives to deliver an innovative solution that enables our employees to understand effective practices. We educate our employees with modern technology solutions to ensure the best for our clients. This allows employees to become work independent, manageable, and master at everything.

cloud development companies
cloud development companies

Explore Our Services:

Zelecloud offers technology consulting, cloud adoption, Infrastructure management, and IT support. Our consulting services will help your find the right direction to improve your business. We train and provide job opportunities for postgraduate students through internships and Bootcamps. Our placement services for students ensure practical experience with live projects that helps them advance their skills in the IT Industry.

We Help you explore the world of Data Science.

Our experts will help you learn the techniques that involve modern and best practices for your professional growth.

Explore our contribution to the Training and Business Development Area



We make you learn through the right path.



We solve your question and help you gain the best practices.



Our experts will help you implement real-time projects.



Cloud native services allow modern application development using technologies like Kubernetes, Docker, serverless functions, and Kafka.

Zelecloud help organizations build cloud-native products and platforms while enabling to adopt cloud-native methodologies.

Zelecloud offers accomplished technology services such as DevSecOps, DevOps, Cloud Migration, and Cloud-Native.

Zelecloud consulting services in real-time projects, hr & payroll, career guidance assure modern approach and strategies that enhance your workflow.

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