RealTime Projects

Real Time Projects

Our Real Time  data analytics projects  is designed to upskill students and job seekers with essential technical knowledge. We believe experience, exposure, and skill set are the three most important in the IT industry. Our program allows students to gain experience with real-time knowledge that helps them get the job more efficiently.

Zelecloud offers real time data analytics projects training in ASP.NET, Java, Python, Android & Ios with Database. We strive to enhance the exposure of our students to a live environment essential for training. Our program will allow them to work with our team of experts, making them learn the best applications of the technology. We assure to provide 100% placement assistance to our students.

Our Real-Time Project development programs involve the latest theory and interactive practical sessions for hands-on experience. Our approach of real time interactive delivery style enables clients to take an active part in their ‘learning experience. We aim to develop and enhance individual competencies from real-time projects that align with the framework of the organization’s requirements to address its business challenges.

Our intent with the training program is to support the growth of the graduates in the IT Industry across the globe. This allows students to understand, research, and stay updated, which enhances the awareness of new IT development.

Zelecloud trainers will assist our students better with proficiency in the technology by helping them learn in detail. The program fills the gap as a significant link between freshers and companies. We also enable the necessary measures to encourage the candidate to succeed in interaction and confidence. Our Real-Time projects training, workshops, seminars, projects will build their interpersonal skills.

The primary objective is to improve the learning experience of the fresher software people driven in the IT Industry. This program does exchange information and research to enhance the awareness of IT amongst software. This program serves as a vital link between the candidates and the company that suggests the company on the necessary measures for improvement of candidates. This program enhances the candidate interface with the IT Industry by involving the best of training, workshops, seminars, projects etc.


The real time projects include real time experiences and hands-on experience comprises the best practices.

Our program allows students to understand, research, and stay updated, which enhances the awareness of new IT development.

Zelecloud offers accomplished technology services such as DevSecOps, DevOps, Cloud Migration, and Cloud-Native.

Zelecloud consulting services in real-time projects, hr & payroll, career guidance assure modern approach and strategies that enhance your workflow.

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