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Technology Solution

Zelecloud believes technology is a key to faster development. Our collaboration enables your business with technology as a solution that allows you to explore, grow, and succeed in your industry. Our best minds will ensure your business ace globally with innovative solutions and a modern approach.

Cloud Security Managed Services


We Extend your Business With Innovative Technology Solutions

With a strong grip on fast-emerging technologies, we keep abreast of innovative solutions that elevate us above the rest and ensure a consistent and competent backup for our clients. We are equipped to meet you/your requirements at any crucial junctions of your transformational journey.


DevOps has integrated the development and operations team to obtain seamless and effective results.

Data Platforms & Analytics

Data analytics platforms are an ecosystem of services and technologies that performs various activities.

Cloud Platform Build & Migration

Zelecloud offers fully managed Cloud Migration solutions that help organizations manage and maintain cloud storage and computing.

Cloud-Native Development

Cloud-native is an approach to building and running applications. Companies can avail themselves of the advantages which allow them to build and operate applications

Consulting Services

Zelecloud is an IT development & consulting management company with exceptional services in cloud-based infrastructure and managed IT services.


Our Training Services

Our data science services include consulting and business analytics solutions that leverage the power of predictive analytics and provide real-time insights.

Our cyber security services offer tremendous value within your organization.

Zelecloud help organizations opt advantage of blockchain that helps your business in digital transformation.

Machine Learning can bring life to your data, and we help your business get the right usage of the information

We are an artificial intelligence consulting and strategy implementation provider with a complete idea of a business pipeline

Zelecloud allows your company to choose cloud adoption and offers advanced cloud capabilities in SaaS, PaaS & IaC.

Zelelcoud DevOps practices enable software development, and IT teams to collaborate and work with each other.

In the era of business intelligence, Zelecloud has always been consistent in providing business intelligence & business analytics services.

Zelecloud software development services involve quality mobile and web-based applications. Our software consulting, cloud migration, and app integration

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Delivering Excellence


Zelecloud offers accomplished technology services such as DevSecOps, DevOps, Cloud Migration, and Cloud-Native.

Zelecloud consulting services in real-time projects, hr & payroll, career guidance assure modern approach and strategies that enhance your workflow.

Companies opt for DevSecOps to managing the infrastructure that avoid risk, redundancy in the development process.

Our machine learning course provides the idea using data as the source and determines the ideal pattern with less human intervention.

Cloud Security Managed Services

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