Hr & payroll Services

Hr and Payroll Services

Zelecloud has expertise in human resources and payroll management. We help companies improve the employee engagement strategy with essential components necessary for organizations. Having the right HR & Payroll management assistance is critical to maintain and empower your employees. Zelecloud understands the business structure and eliminates the hassles for a seamless process.

Our human resource team simplifies the HR management strategy by enhancing traditional HR transactions and moving business benefits across functions. Our HR & Payroll management services enable organizations to focus on employee engagement and spend less time navigating around systems.



Onboarding is an essential aspect for any new hire in the organization. The onboarding process creates a significant impact on new employees in terms of long-term association. We at Zelecloud believe in first impressions and ensure to provide a smooth onboarding for the new employees. Our onboarding system will create elevated impressions and keeps you rested. We ensure to have a comprehensive onboarding checklist to make sure employees feel welcome.



When it comes to offboarding an employee, organizations merely neglect the crucial formalities, which are as important as the onboarding process. Our team makes sure the offboarding process is taken care of flawlessly, involving all the forms, responsibilities are redirected appropriately. We ensure to conduct exit interviews that specify to enhance the organization process. Zelecloud covers every essential aspect necessary for your organization.



Company policies and procedures are the most significant to make sure the organization structure is intact. Zelecloud ensures the employees follow all of your company’s policies and procedures. Our HR team will ensure your human resource department process becomes streamlined and run smoothly.


Background Checks

Zelecloud will help you implement a potential background check to learn about new and existing employees. Our team will provide you with comprehensive background checks so organizations can make sure the information is valid of the person they are working with.


Employee Relations

Experience and potential talent are valuable assets of any organization. Our team of human resource work makes sure to manage the relationship between your company and your employees and are positive and productive.


Compensation & Performance Management

Managing valuable talent ensures profitable compensation for the company is a crucial task, and we at Zelecloud enable profitability and retain valuable talent. Our complete compensation rate research provides you the data necessary to make sure the company is paying the right people. We also offer ongoing performance management so that your employees deliver the best of their abilities.



Hr and Payroll services enable performance management so that your employees deliver the best of their abilities.

Zelecloud HR team ensures your company’s policies and procedures that assure the process becomes streamlined and run smoothly.

Zelecloud offers accomplished technology services such as DevSecOps, DevOps, Cloud Migration, and Cloud-Native.

Zelecloud consulting services in real-time projects, hr & payroll, career guidance assure modern approach and strategies that enhance your workflow.

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