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We Are Zelecloud

Young & Passionate Team with Solutions

Zelecloud is an Information Technology Consulting Management companythat help businesses manage cloud-based infrastructure and managed IT services. We believe in result-oriented service enabling innovative solutions which allow us to identify and provide the best services that value your business data.

We are experts, and we meant it. Our clients are leading reputed companies who allowed Zelecloud to set new standards. Our team of experienced and young talent has ensured successful solutions in the IT industry. Zelecloud consulting services in real-time projects, hr & payroll, and career guidance assure modern approach and strategies that enhance your workflow.

We allow our team to explore new technologies and provide advanced solutions to our clients. Zelecloud intent to create new experiences with technology keeps us stand out and people-centric with a solution-oriented approach.

Our Mission

We assist organizations in optimizing their business approach and workflow management with secure and innovative IT solutions. Zelecloud enables postgraduates with comprehensive training, real-time project experience, and services. Our consulting and training services involve technologies DevOps, Cloud, and Software Development.

Our Vision

We create secure, accomplished, and flawless business solutions. Zelecloud has extensive domain knowledge that enables organizations to advance with technology platforms. We intend to provide a professional experience that offer innovative solutions for business growth. We allow postgraduates to explore the world of IT and learn the most relevant technology for improved career opportunities. Our expertise in Cloud, DevSecOps, AL & ML, and more are designed by industry experts.

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