Best B2B Marketing Automation Platforms

Best B2B Marketing Automation Platforms

Best B2B Marketing Automation Platforms

Marketing automation for B2B companies is pushing the limits in the space of digital marketing and sales. These tools have enabled organizations to create and manage marketing and sales activities seamlessly. Companies can help customers generate integrated sales funnels that can manage and close new customers in the lead pipeline.

Trying B2B Marketing automation platforms can have a substantial positive impact on small to mid-sized businesses. The tools are designed to change the approach that the business implement in the process. Here are a few tools we recommend for organizations.


Marketo is a well-known marketing automation tool, providing a full suite of features. The tool allows marketers and sales departments to manage various campaigns. Marketo has a huge and active knowledge base that allows new users to understand the process. Marketo has plenty of integrations in the marketplace, called LaunchPoint. Marketo is a reliable platform that promises effective outcomes.


Eloqua is a fully loaded automation tool that provides exceptional service and has a similar price tag. The significant differentiation of Eloqua is the time that involves teaching and helping their customers get the best solution out of the product. Eloqua also has a marketplace that allows us to utilize plenty of integrations with third party services. Eloqua is most recommended to enterprise-level companies, which needs a lot of guidance for technology vendors. is a flexible tool that will allow organizations to meet their requirements. Having a developer bench will help the organization to customize the experience. The lightweight UI of the tool is fast and user-friendly, which also has personal customer support. This tool is one of the newer players that have grown very quickly with exceptional potential in future. Unlike the older tools, is created to trigger emails based on events, rather than just pageviews.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the widely used email marketing tools for small scale businesses. The tool has great features and performs a great job by providing basic functionalities. Constant Contact is effortless for non-technical users to take advantage of and implement their activities. The ease of use is the biggest advantage of Constant Contact.


Hubspot offers a bit of everything to the customers. The tool is claimed as an inbound marketing tool that encourages marketing automation. This all-in-one approach is really convenient for the users to access and manage marketing and sales activities in a single portal. Small businesses can avail the power of email marketing, blogs, and many other activities. Customization allows organizations to explore the full potential of the tool.


Marketing automation tools can help your businesses grow in the industry. Zelecloud understands the necessities and implements the best solution for your business. We get the right solution deployed and manage to have seamless and enhanced outcomes for your business. Check out our social media profiles for more updates.

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